GPC bug involving rewrite?

John C. Beatty jcbeatty at
Thu Dec 24 23:43:52 CET 1998

I'm in the process of moving some pascal code from an old sun compiler to
gpc, and encountered a problem with rewrite. Here's a little program that
illustrates it:

	Program Main(input,output);
	    assembly : text;

Ths compiles ok, but when I run it, I get the error message

	?GPC runtime error: (gpc-rts) Internal file namei wrong (#700)

when the rewrite is executed.

We appear to have version of gpc installed, and I'm running it on
a Sun UltraSPARC (Solaris 2.5).

I'd be grateful if someone could tell me whether this is a known bug, and
if it is, whether it's fixed in a later version of gpc.

Please reply directly to me at jcbeatty at - I'm not yet a member
of the gpc mailing list.

Thanks immensely.

john beatty

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