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Thu Aug 5 02:24:25 CEST 1999

Kevin Williams wrote:
> Ok I downloaded the file, unpacked into a directory wingw32.
> However, you said after that everything would be fine, and I
> dont think it is.  I am still confused as to how to get this
> program to actually run/compile code that I write in a text
> editor.
> Whats a "Comand line compiler?"

As the name says, it's a compiler that you can invoke from the
command line.

Suppose you have edited a file `C:\GPC-Progrmas\foo.pas'.
Then, from your MS-DOS shell, you can compile and run it as

    C:\GPC-Programs> gpc --automake foo.pas -o foo
    C:\GPC-Programs> foo

This method to control the compiler has the advantage that it
needn't be a human who types these commands.  It can be a batch
file or better (a Unix shell script, an IDE of your choice) that
calls the compiler for you.

Please note that mingw32 produces programs for MS-Windows, so
they will only run in a MS-Windows DOS box, not under real
MS-DOS without the MS-Windows API (and GUI).

Hope this helps,


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