Installing GPC.

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Sun Jul 25 11:42:46 CEST 1999

Alejandro Villarroel wrote:
>     Hello, I have installed GPC, reading the Faqs, and everything, but
> maybe I forgot some files or directories. Can somebody tell me about the
> directory and file structure?, [...]

c:\djgpp\bin\   - all binaries
c:\djgpp\lib\   - all libraries

> And how the djgpp.env looks like.


>     Another thing, in my bin direcotry I put some exe files, but I also
> put the crt0.o file that was on the lib directory, is that necesary,
> beacuse is the only way that gpc compile my files, also I have to copy
> the unit (*.pas) files in the bin directory in order to use the units,
> and I have to compile twice in order to have the unit in an object file
> (*.o). Becase of that I think some files are missing and/or I have to
> modify some files.

This behaviour can result from a strange directory setup (as you
seem to have according to your other email).  Please check.

Hope this helps,


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