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Peter Gerwinski peter at
Wed Jun 30 16:22:16 CEST 1999

Hallo, Michael!

> the following little program doesn't run under gpc version 2.0(!

This version of GPC is over two years old.  Better upgrade to
at least gpc-19990118.  (See `'
for more information, or download the stuff from

>    text	     = File of char;

This overrides the built-in `Text' type which has `readln' ...

>    filearray = array[1..n] of real;
> [...]
>        read(infile,filearray1[i]);

This cannot work since `read' from a `file of char' expects a
`char' variable to hold the value.  You could however `read' a
`real' number from a `text' file (with the built-in `text').

> I get the compiler message:gpc: Internal compiler error: program gpc1 got
> fatal signal 6

That's probably due to an error in the obsolete gpc-2.0.
Better upgrade.

> I know that the program runs under a Sun-Compiler!

That's strange.  Is `file of char' equivalent to `text' in the
Sun Compiler?  According to the standard, it is not.

> when I substitute filearray = array[1..n] of real; by
> filearray = array[1..n] of integer; , then compilation is successful.

Then both gpc-2.0 and your Sun's Pascal have the same bug
accepting a non-`char' variable as an argument to `read' from a
`file of char'.  gpc-19990118 correctly rejects the program also
with `integer' unless you remove the `text = file of char'

Hope this helps,


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