GPC newsgroup and announce list?

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Sun Mar 7 12:05:15 CET 1999

Hi, folks!

A long time ago we already had discussed about this, but let us
try it again ...

It seems as if people looking for help with GPC do not find this
mailing list, and even if they do, they might not want to
subscribe but would prefer to have a look at us first.

Other people would like to stay up-to-date with information
about GPC but are not interesting in our discussions.

So what about following the example of the DJGPP folks and do
the following:

  * Create a Usenet newsgroup `comp.lang.pascal.gnu'.

  * Gate all emails to the GPC mailing list to the newsgroup and
    vice versa.

  * Create an additional, moderated mailing list especially for
    GPC announcements.

This could be combined with a move of the GPC mailing list to a
host which runs a list server software (majordomo) which would
simplify subscribing and unsubscribung to the mailing list,
allow for an automatic online list archive, etc.  (I have one
with the nice domain name `'.:-)

What do you think?

We also would be glad if someone familiar with Usenet management
(RfD, CfV, etc.) and/or setting up a mail/news gateway could
take that job.


Peter Gerwinski, Essen, Germany,
Maintainer GNU Pascal - - gpc-19990118
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