prior parameter's size depends on `foo'

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Wed May 19 03:14:33 CEST 1999

David James wrote:
> I now have a significantly bigger module (which also imports from 
> several other modules) which is exhibiting the same behaviour 
> "prior parameter's size depends on `foo'" where `foo' is a
> protected string parameter in the function/procedure declaration. 
> In this case if I drop all the `protected' in the procedure/function
> declarations in the interface, I get "gpc: Internal compiler error:
> program gpc1 got fatal signal 6".
> Any suggestions about more general work-arounds for this problem with
> string parameters in extended Pascal modules? 

I am currently experiencing the same in a big project and
working on just this problem.

> Converting the extended Pascal module to a unit seems to be a 
> work-around, but having to do that is going to make this migration much 
> more difficult than staying with the extended Pascal modules that the
> system currently uses.

Since my project uses units I am not at all sure that the
conversion would really be a workaround.

Good luck, and watch out for the next snapshot,


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