External (asmname) variables (was: rough draft - FAQ

Dr Abimbola A Olowofoyeku laa12 at keele.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 22:46:37 CET 2000

On 3 Feb 00, at 14:39, Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> Matze Braun wrote:
> > You should add, how to use global vars from C-Librarie. I had to
> > look for a long time before I noticed, that I have to use asmname
> > '...' before the Data Type.
> I often thought about
>   - replacing `asmname' by `external name' (inspired by DLL
>     support in BP),

I am strongly in favour of that.

>   - making `external' a rigidly reserved word, so we can place
>     it _after_ the type.

Good idea!

Best regards, The Chief
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