GPC on DEC Unix (OSF)

Nicholas Geovanis nickgeo at
Sun Feb 13 16:50:13 CET 2000

On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> Olivier Lecarme wrote:
> > internal error: duplicate constructor
> Hmm...
> Maybe something has changed.  Please edit `parse.y' and search
> for "DEC Alpha happy".  This takes you to some `__init_Foo'
> strings.
> Please change them to something different (e.g. by dropping the
> leading `__'), re-install GPC and tell me whether this has any
> effect.

Please do not take offense, this is just a joke:

This set of instructions must be preserved somewhere as the finest example
of voodoo debugging technique in the history of computer science. One
glance at it and I was reduced to incoherent belly laughs on the floor.

Perhaps I am not at my most rational when dialing-in to work at 0900 on a
Sunday morning. Wish I had those federally-mandated six weeks of vacation 
(to start) like you lucky Germans.

Gruesse an Deutschland!

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