GPC on a DEC Alpha

Russ Whitaker russwhit at
Wed Feb 16 11:35:08 CET 2000

Mason Ip wrote: I got the same error : “heap.pas:30: module/unit `error'
could not be

The following is an exerpt from gcc-2.95.2/install/SPECIFIC

 "  GNU/Linux Alpha EV56 or PCA56 hosts running Red Hat 4.2 or 5.0 may see
    errors of this sort:
    Error: Unknown pseudo-op:  `.arch'

    This is a signal that a new assembler is needed if you want to
    generate BWX insns for your machine.
    The version of GCC shipped with Red Hat 4.2 ( has a fault
    wherein it will silently generate incorrect code. The version shipped
    with Red Hat 5.0 ( is not broken, but required an extra
    -m21164a argument on the command-line. In order to visibly trap, I now issue DEC's .arch pseudo into the assembly. Relieving
    the problem of mucking with command-line arguments for is a
    pleasant side effect.
    If you've got Red Hat 5.0 installed, you may grab binutils 2.9.1 and
    be happy. If you've got Red Hat 4.2, bugs make it much harder to
    upgrade pieces on your own, and you are better off upgrading the
    entire system.
    In either case, your problem may be bypassed by not emitting BWX code
    by default. Do this by using
   configure alphaev5-unknown-linux-gnulibc1

    if you have RH 4.2, or
   configure alphaev5-unknown-linux-gnu

    if you have RH 5.0.
    The following error:
   Error: macro requires $at register while noat in effect

    also indicates that you should upgrade to a newer version of the
    assembler, 2.9 or later. If you can not upgrade the assembler, the
    compiler option "-Wa,-m21164a" may work around this problem.  "
Please let me know if this helps - I'll add a paragraph to the faq

  Russ  <russwhit at>

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