GPC 19991030 on a DEC Alpha OSF machine

Olivier Lecarme Olivier.Lecarme at
Fri Feb 18 09:54:13 CET 2000

I installed GPC 19991030 on top of gcc-2.95.2 on a DEC Alpha machine
vith OSF-4.0e. I followed the instructions in the recent FAQ, but I had
to comment out lines in gcc/explow.c and gcc/expr.ç as suggested in a
previous message by Mason Ip <MasonIp at>.

Compiling and installing GPC worked fine, but on trying to compile
arrayslicedemo.pas in the demos directory, I get the following error
message :

arrayslicedemo.pas: In function `program_Arrayslicedemo':
arrayslicedemo.pas:82: internal error--unrecognizable insn:
(insn 287 285 288 (set (reg:SI 134)
        (reg:DI 133)) -1 (nil)

			Olivier Lecarme

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