using C routines in pascal

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Fri Jul 7 15:32:35 CEST 2000

Marinier, M. Claude, G. wrote:

> Would it be sufficient to put
> 	function genbet(x,y:shortreal):shortreal;C;
> in the calling program? Is it necessary to have the wrapper unit? If yes,
> why is a wrapper needed?

The advantage of a "wrapper" unit is, if you have (or plan to have)
several programs using the library, you'll have only one place which
depends on the C code (i.e., only one place to change if the C
interface changes). (And it's better modularization, anyway.)

The run-time efficiency will be the same for a wrapper unit with
external declarations (unlike wrapper routines which suffer from a
small overhead -- it depends on the routines if the overhead is
relevant or neglectible).


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