Error in util.c 3rd

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Wed Jul 12 14:36:46 CEST 2000

Hello, David Kredba,

you wrote:
> I apply sed -f $(srcdir)\config\msdos\top.sed to makefiles (created by
> configure shell) in $(srcdir) and $(srcdir)/gcc directories and after this I
> run manually configure shell in $(srcdir)/gcc/p/rts. After this I run make
> CFLAGS="-O2" LDFLAGS="-s" LANGUAGES=pascal and I obtained xgcc, xgpc, cc1,
> gpcpp, gpc1, libgcc.a and libgpc.a with some non fatal make or cc1, gcc
> errors.

Congratulation!  Compiling GPC on DJGPP is nontrivial.  We are
usually cross-compiling from Linux instead - which is much easier.

> But gpc1 fails when compiling some files from $(srcdir)/gcc/p/test. It got
> internal compiler error.
> I don't now what to do. Debugging ?

Please send us the output with the error messages (or parts of it if
it is too long).


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