New user on gpc but 12 years with Tubo Pascal

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Wed Jul 12 15:57:40 CEST 2000


Jean-Philippe Combe wrote:
> gpc-19990118-1.i386-pc-linux-gnu.rpm
> gpc-19990118.i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1.tar.gz
> gpc-19990118.tar.gz
> gpc-2.0.tar.gz
> gpc-extras-19990118-1.i386-pc-linux-gnu.rpm
> install-gpc-binary
>  Can somebody say to me which file is the better to install ? (i know how to
> install them)

None of the above. ;-) Instead, get the most recent source
distribution from the `alpha' subdirectory plus the source
of gcc-2.95.x and follow the instructions in the INSTALL
file enclosed in the GPC source archive.

>  Can somebody say to me what environment variables to define to access to the
> units because i have installes GPC on another compiler but i coudn't compile
> programs with the crt or other included units ?

When everything is installed correctly, you can simply type `uses CRT'
and it will work. Don't forget the `--automake' option to the call to

Hope this helps,


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