Linking without automake/autobuild

Mariusz Zynel mariusz at
Tue Jul 18 18:38:28 CEST 2000

Peter Gerwinski wrote:
> Another solution:  It is planned to distribute an external utility
> in the future which does the same as `--automake' and more.  This
> will make GPC's internal `--automake' facility obsolete.

Frank mentioned something already... I've been always told that good 
programming practice is to break every task into smaller, 
"selfcontained" tasks... less error prone. 

> > E.g. Free
> > Pascal works so that it always runs in autobuild mode, at least
> > one of its older versions I had.
> "Autobuild" or "automake"?  I'd consider "autobuild" a bug,
> "automake" a feature.

It was autobuild... weird. No offense intended FP guys.


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