installation difficulties

Robert P. Ewing ewing at
Wed Jul 26 20:06:02 CEST 2000

Hello, all.

The saga continues... 

Maurice asked what I meant by reconciling the directories.  In the
is his directory at agnes, ../include has many subdirectories.  Many of these,
such as src, contrib, lib, info, duplicated directories a few layers lower
in the tree structure.  The files, in general, also duplicated the files a
few layers lower.  So I took, for example, the files in his lib directory, and
moved them to the ../lib directory.  No files were lost in this process.

I've since taken Maurice's advice and added a few files from the djgpp
distribution that I didn't already have, such as those in
(I already had the binutils and a few others).  I now have a file
../include/sys/version.h, for example, so compilation is no longer 
hanging there.

I've tried compiling now (with the new files) 3 different ways:
1) under PENG, I get an error message: mkdir (done)
too many parameters: c:\gpc\bin/i386-pc-go32

2) under RHIDE, the compiler crashes, saying
c:\gpc/lib/gcc-lib/djgpp/2.952/gpc1.exe c:/gpc/tmp/RHaaaaaa\ccbaoxkg.i -quiet	-dumpbase diffus13.pas -g -version -famtmpfile=c:/gpc/tmp/RHaaaaaa...
ignoring AutoMake options '-g -v';
(using '-g -v')
GNU Pascal version 2.95.2 19991024 (release) (djgpp) compiled by GNU C version 2.95.2 19991024 (release).
Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV
Page fault at eip=001812e2, error 0004
eax=ff5a0010 ebx=001812e2 ecx=ff593beo edx=54637281 esi=ff58ef24 edi=00000000
ebp=00386738 esp=00386720 program=c:/gpc/lib/gcc-lib/djgpp/2.952/gpc1.exe
sel=0247  base=862fb000 limit=ff62afff
 app stack:  [00388d7c..00208d7c]  Exceptn stack: [00208c88..00206d48]
 Call frame traceback EIPs:
 There were some errors

If needed, I can give the rest of the codes here.

3) under command-line compilation, with --automake -v, I get the same
error and crash as under RHIDE.

Any guesses?


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