Robert P. Ewing ewing at
Thu Jul 27 18:34:38 CEST 2000

Hello, all

Thanks for the input.  I'm getting very close now.  I can compile taste.pas
at the command line, but not within RHIDE.  At the command line, I give
gpc --automake -v -o taste.exe taste.pas -lgrx20
and it works fine.

Within RHIDE, I have set options/libraries #0 to [x]  grx20, and also
[x] Standard Libraries.  The message window reads:
Compiling c:/djgpp/contrib/grx232/pascal/taste.pas
 Ignoring Automake options '-I../contrib/grx232/include'; 
 (Using automake options '-L../contrib/grx232/lib/dj2 -I../contrib/grx232/include')
taste.pas: undefined reference to Init_grx20
ld returned 1 exit status
There were some errors

How can I alter RHIDE to give me the full output (-v) on the message screen?
That would give me more to work with.

Why isn't RHIDE doing as well as the command line?  What interfering 
message is creeping in to spoil the compilation?  Or what options do I
need to set that I haven't?

I checked my djgpp.env file against Maurice's, and except for his name,
ours are (and were) identical.

An aside for those (!) win9x experts out there: why is the PATH command
in the autoexec.bat file ignored?  I set path c:\djgpp;c:\djgpp\bin, but
when I open a DOS shell and ask for the path, it is c:\; c:\windows;
c:\windows\command.  (yes, I can feel linux in my future, but not at
work :-(  )


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