GC & GPC question.

Khimenko Victor gpc at khim.sch57.msk.ru
Wed Mar 8 10:20:14 CET 2000

7-Mar-00 18:57 you wrote:
> One of the things that steers me away from Borland Pascal is its lack
> of a runtime garbage collector.

> Does GNU Pascal have a runtime garbage collector?

No. To All: perhaps something can be done here ? Boehm's GC will work just fine
with GPC in simple cases but if you'll try to use strings or some other complex
structures it'll be less great :-/ In C++ it's done with "class's new" but I
know of no such mechanism in GPC ... At least low-level allocation functions
needed (now many bytes GC should allocate to put this structure there? how
really put it there?)... AFAIK something was done for shared-memory access
and can be used for GC as well but I'm not remember details (is it documented

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