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Peter Gerwinski peter at gerwinski.de
Thu Mar 9 23:52:24 CET 2000

Khimenko Victor wrote:
> >> What about introducing a second `New' that allows the user to
> >> pass an additional parameter to the allocator?
> > Might be a solution. (Not that the syntax of `New' isn't already
> > complicated enough... :-/)
> Hmm. IMO something like p:=new[shm_alloc,pool1](string,100); should be
> recognizeable enough and should not disturb existing mess there much.
> Even if it's look more like LaTeX then C++ :-)

I do not like this syntax too much.  (For Pascal.  It's okay for
LaTeX.;-)  In principle, it should not be too hard to implement

    New (allocator_function, other_parameters)

but with the current implementation of `New' it would need some
nontrivial work in the parser.

A clean solution would be a re-write of the parser to accept
about any command-line for `New' and then do the analysis

The only real problem with this approach would be the implicit
`with' in `New' when a constructor of an object is called.


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