Numerical reliability of gpc

Francisco Wechsler chico at
Mon Apr 2 19:46:06 CEST 2001

Hello everybody:
  I am planning to use a few PASCAL programs for certain matrix
manipulations. In the past, these subroutines were run in Turbo Pascal 6
or 7, with good numerical accuracy. Because the manual says that gpc
doesn't pass the "paranoia" test, I have become a bit wary about running
them in gpc.
  All subroutines are written in ISO PASCAL, and perform things such as:
Cholesky decomposition, singular value decomposition, inversion etc. All
variables are declared either as INTEGER or REAL. If memory serves me, in
TP this means a 10-11 decimal digit mantissa for real numbers.
  Does anybody have experience in this regard? Am I being too "paranoid"?
  Thanks in advance,
  Francisco S. Wechsler
  Anim. Prod. Dep.
  Coll. Vet. Med. and Anim. Sci.
  São Paulo St. Univ.
  C.P. 560
  18618-000 Botucatu, SP

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