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Frank Heckenbach frank at g-n-u.de
Fri May 4 06:51:25 CEST 2001

Russ Whitaker wrote:

> Start with something simple, say foo.pas:
> program foo;
> begin
> end.
> Step 1: note no space betwen "e" and "-"
>   gpc --automake-o foo foo.pas
> Step 2: do it right
>   gpc --automake -o foo foo.pas
> Step 3: repeat step 1.
> Shouldn't there be a built-in "make clean" in there someplace?

Well, what you're telling it is to link the (now existing)
executable `foo' which results in duplicate symbols (on my system;
and maybe in unknown object file or something on other systems).

I'm afraid, GPC is not (yet) able to auto-correct the typo, but
maybe someone would like to write a DWIM tool for GPC? ;-)


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