Memory use problem

Martin Liddle martin at
Sun May 6 15:56:54 CEST 2001

In article <1B07E47F.20010506131757.FOO-5823.frank at>, Frank
Heckenbach <frank at> writes
>I'm now adding somewhat improved support to trace memory leaks (will
>be uploaded soon).
>Simply using the unit HeapMon should show some report about
>non-released pointers at the end of the program. The unit also
>provides a function to generate such a report at an arbitrary point
>during a program run and to an arbitrary file.
>The report contains the caller address (which can be turned to
>source lines using addr2line) which might help find the leaks.
>I suppose this is not currently am important thing to you, but when
>it will become a problem again (to you or anyone else), this should
>now help debugging.
We haven't yet located the problem so this will be very useful.  Thank
you very much.
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