Memory use problem

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Wed May 16 14:18:56 CEST 2001

David James wrote:

> So ... I put a call to mtrace at the start of my message handling loop
> and a call to muntrace at the end of my message handling loop, in
> such a way that I turn the tracing on for exactly one pass though the
> loop. Then I ran the mtrace script on the resulting output ...
> I get 4008 unfreed blocks (that number is not relevant, except as an
> indication that there's a lot of memory allocation going on), all of 
> them have been called from line 121 of rts/heap.pas. They are for 
> varying memory sizes (a quick glance shows 0x1, 0xd, 0x21, 0x1e, 0x5e 
> and an overwhelming majority for 0xa0). 
> This is with the 20010512 GPC release. I think that source line is 
> p:=GetMemPtr^(Size) in GPC_GetMem.

Oh yeah ... there were some places left in the RTS that did
allocation around the normal route, via GPC_GetMem. I've changed
them now (and removed GPC_GetMem and related routines), so such
leaks should now be reported via HeapMon as well.

I've also found and fixed a few leaks in this area. Maybe they are
what you're observing, though I'm not sure (the $a0 surprises me,
unless you're using a lot of typed files of a type of size $a0).

So, when my next patch is uploaded, you might want to try again with


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