Compiling latest gpc on latest cygwin

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Wed May 16 18:12:40 CEST 2001

Matthias Braun wrote:

> gpcpp.c, I found an #undeclare in cygwin.h and deletet it.

They're usually passed from the Makefile (see, rule for

> > [...]
> > > GNU Pascal version 2.95.3-4 (cygwin special) (i586-pc-cygwin32) compiled
> > > by GNU C version 2.95.3-3 (cygwin special). GNU Pascal version is actually
> > > 20010512, based on gcc-2.95.3-4 (cygwin special)
> > >  as -o /PlatteC/WINDOWS/TEMP/ccc85291 /PlatteC/WINDOWS/TEMP/ccb85291
> > > gpc.exe: Internal compiler error in `do_spec_1', at p/gpc.c:4500
> >
> > I have never seen this problem before. The GPC that you built is
> > obviously broken. Why? I have no idea. Could it be a problem with your
> > "specs" file? Perhaps Peter or Frank might have an idea what this error
> > means.
> I reinstalled everything, I did some tests, compiling works if I use the
> following sequence:
> 	gpc -c -o test.o test.pas
> 	gcc test.o -o test.exe -lgpc
> So It seems only an error reading the specs file, but I don't understand
> the spec file syntax :/. So I've attached it along with the changed
> gpcpp.c to this mail.

No, you haven't.

You might want to put something like
`fprintf (stderr, "spec: %i %s\n", c, p[-1]);' (untested) before the
abort in p/gpc.c:4500 to see where in the specs it fails.


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