Null Character

Oldham, Adam adam.oldham at
Wed May 30 22:37:13 CEST 2001

What is the Null Character to GPC for use in CHARs and STRINGs?  In my
previopus compiler \00 was used for this.

a : array [1..4] of chars;
b : array [1..4] of chars;
c : array [1..4] of chars;
d : array [1..4] of chars;


a = '\00\00\00\00';
FILLCHAR(b, 4, CHR(0));
c ='0000';
d = '';

None of these are equivalent (I would expect the last two to not be
equivalent).  Basically, I am just looking for a way to test if an array of
chars has been zeroed out using FILLCHAR with chr(0).  Also, with GPC, when
a new variable is defined, is it automatically zeroed out?

Adam Oldham

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