Is this a bug that is planning to be fixed (from documentatio n)?

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Fri Oct 19 01:09:19 CEST 2001

Oldham, Adam wrote:

> So, once this bug is fixed, will function declarations in the interface and
> function bodies in implementation sections of different files be allowed,
> like they are today?

Different files for the same module, yes (unfortunately, since EP
more or less requires this, though it doesn't directly talk about
source files). Different units/modules, no.

> And if not, can the bug sort of be left for
> compatibility with other Pascal Languages that do utilize this method?  Say
> with maybe a command line parameter?

Which compiler uses this method? I only know compilers that require
such routines to be declared as `external' or similar, and GPC will
(continue to) allow this as well.

Disabling this check would be easy at first, but once we introduce
qualified identifiers, the method won't work, since the
implementation would choose another "mangled linker name" (if you
don't know what that means, please ignore it) than the interface
declaration, and without an explicit specification (such as
`external' and/or `asmname'), it won't work.


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