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>there is a serious memory leak in the gpc-20010623. The full story:
>The gpc version on the SuSE 7.2 CD is broken. The installation from source
>is smooth. The results of the test codes are excellent only 8 fails. Then
>comes the problem. I wrote a code. It compiles and starts to run. But
>after a few minutes crashes out with segmentation fault. The "top"
>suggests that the size of the task grows linearly with the time. In about
>10 minutes the size is 5 times bigger. Then I tried the same code on under
>IRIX 6.5 with gpc-20010623. The output is crippled due to a bug but it
>shows the same symptom. It just keep on growing. The same code with the
>good-old gpc 2.0 runs for more than 20 hours without any problem. The
>memory management in the latest distribution must be fundamentally wrong.
>Have any of you experienced the same problem? Is there a compiler switch
>to force a more strict memory management mode?
There certainly was a serious memory leak problem in the run time system 
that gave us a lot of grief, however it was fixed by Frank in late May 
so it isn't that one you are seeing.  We certainly aren't currently 
seeing any memory leaks in applications that run for several days at a 
time.  You will need to provide some more information to help in 
isolating the problem. Can you provide a reasonable size test program 
that demonstrates the problem?

If you look at the thread in the archive, that ran intermittently for 
about 6 months, titled "Re: memory Use Problem" you will find a number 
of helpful suggestions for getting to grips with the problem.  For us 
the most useful suggestion was from Russ Whitaker as follows:

"Try info glibc. There's a node called "Allocation Debugging" with 4 

Don't know about earlier releases, but it is in glibc-2.2.2 release."

Good luck.
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