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In article 
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Cserzo <miklos at> writes
>> There certainly was a serious memory leak problem in the run time system
>> that gave us a lot of grief, however it was fixed by Frank in late May
>> so it isn't that one you are seeing.  We certainly aren't currently
>> seeing any memory leaks in applications that run for several days at a
>> time.  You will need to provide some more information to help in
>> isolating the problem. Can you provide a reasonable size test program
>> that demonstrates the problem?
>My code is a bit complex I rather wouldn't post it unless it's
>unavoidable. All I can say now: there is no dynamic memory allocation
>involved nor pointers nor anything notoriously easy to make it wrong. Only
>very basic straight Pascal.
I don't doubt you are seeing a problem and please don't post anything 
large.  However for this problem to be found you are going to have to do 
a bit of work.  Try hacking the code down to isolate where the problem 

Not everybody is seeing your problem and you will have to provide some 
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