Some strange behaviour of GPC

Russell Whitaker russ at
Tue Aug 6 00:32:43 CEST 2002

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002, Nick Ioffe wrote:

> Hi!
> I use packed arrays of booleans and need to look for bit
> set and clear in them.
> The arrays are of different sizes, but I cannot use a conformant
> array.
> I've written function
> Find_First_bit_Set (buff_ptr:pointer,
>                     bit_size:integer) : integer;
> and then to pass Addr(bit_array) and BitSizeOf(bit_array).
> The problem is that for BitSizeOf (packed array of boolean)
> always returns me 8*SizeOf like in the following case:
> program tst;
> var
>    aa : packed array [1..19] of boolean;
> begin
>    writeln (SizeOf(aa), ' ', BitSizeOf(aa));
> end.
> the output I get is:
> 4 32.
> what can be wrong?

Perhaps a bug. Since the hardware can't allocate a fraction of a byte
"sizeof" is returning the space allocated for aa rather than the size
of aa. Trying different sizes of aa here gives a multiple of 2 bytes,
which suggests as a work-around you could use some multiple of 16 for
your packed array of boolean.


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