gpc with gcc 3.1.1

Waldek Hebisch hebisch at
Tue Aug 27 15:18:39 CEST 2002

strobe anarkhos wrote:
>At 9:55 PM +0200 8/26/02, Waldek Hebisch wrote:
>>I am trying to make gpc work with gpc 3.1.1. Currently gpc1
>Good luck.
>Are you targeting 3.1.1 due to Apple using it, or is there another reason?

For me it is largely a learning exercise -- how a front end fits into GCC
back end. Newer technology is better for that, also 3.x series looks
much cleaner then 2.x. On the other hand big plus for GCC is its wide
reach -- it supports many architectures and many languages -- and
I would like to have that all in a _single_ version. 2.95.3 today is
probably best as production compiler, but I think in a few months 3.x
will have fewer bugs. 3.1 have support for new architectures:
s390, and better HP support. Also Ada is integrated in 3.1, and java
in 3.x is much better then in 2.95.3. Finally, C++ in 3.1 is
binary incompatible with 2.95.3 -- so currently that stops wide
adoption of 3.x, but then the transition will be very fast.

In other words: staying with newest 3.x seems only logical choice
for Grand Unification.

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