gpc with gcc 3.1.1

Waldek Hebisch hebisch at
Tue Aug 27 18:08:46 CEST 2002

> Waldek Hebisch wrote:
> > I am trying to make gpc work with gpc 3.1.1.
> Great! :-)
> > Currently gpc1
> > compiles and links (I omitted gcpp, runtime and the 'gpc' driver). 
> These should be mostly harmless -- I suppose minor changes to gpc
> and gpcpp and maybe none at all to the runtime system.
> > About 80% of testsuite works, but the remaining bugs still
> > make compiler unuseable:
> >  -- gcp1 crashes trying to use gpc unit 
> >  -- sometimes arrays and records are mislayed
> >  -- record layout functions complain about function
> >     declarations in objects.
> > Of course, a bunch of minor bugs also shows up.
> > 
> > I have a few questions about getting my work into mainline:
> > -- is there anybody working on the same thing (the disscusion few 
> >    months ago suggested that nobody)? 
> AFAIK, nobody.
> > -- should I try to resolve remaning bugs before I submit a patch?
> As you like. If you submit it now, maybe someone else will work with
> you on the remaining problems (though I slightly doubt it ...).
> Surely, it can't hurt to submit the patch, and I can put it on
> alpha/ on the website.
> > -- is gpc supposed to compile with other C compilers or only with gcc?
> Theoretically yes, but I don't think the current version (2.1) does
> because AFAIK nobody has tried it for a long time. -- Actually,
> someone tried last year and reported a few small problems, but
> before I got around to fixing them, they'd built it with GCC. So I
> expect there are a few more problems, but mostly minor ones.
> However, this should be quite independent of the gcc-3 port. If you
> have access to another C compiler and want to test it, be welcome to
> submit patches (or bug reports) as well.

Well, I am trying to get int correct spirit to fit well with the rest of 
the compiler. My question about other C compilers were motiveted by the 
following problems:
-- GCC 3.x headers forbids (using #pragma GCC poison) Berkeley functions 
   bcopy, bzero, bcmp, rindex, is it OK to eliminate them completly from
-- currentely I get many warnings, mostly about dropping const qualifier
   from pointers, I would like elminate them
-- GPC uses gansidecl.h, which is absent in GCC 3.x, currently I just 
   copied gansidecl.h from 2.5.3, but I would like to eliminate it
-- are ANSI compatibility macros mandatory in GPC (I very much prefer
   just giving full prototypes, including types and argument names, but 
   of course I will use what is considered proper for GPC)
-- in few places GCC extensions are handy. But I other folks wish to 
   compile GPC with other C compilers, then I will avoid them

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