gpc with gcc 3.1.1

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Tue Aug 27 20:42:22 CEST 2002

Waldek Hebisch wrote:

> Well, I am trying to get int correct spirit to fit well with the rest of
> the compiler. My question about other C compilers were motiveted by the 
> following problems:
> -- GCC 3.x headers forbids (using #pragma GCC poison) Berkeley functions 
>    bcopy, bzero, bcmp, rindex, is it OK to eliminate them completly from
>    GPC

Actually, I've done so to a large extent recently. I'll upload a
patch soon. I'm trying to get some more bugs fixed that were
reported recently, but if you'd like to have my changes now, let me

> -- currentely I get many warnings, mostly about dropping const qualifier
>    from pointers, I would like elminate them

Sure. As you've probably seen, there are a number of places in GPC
where that's already been done -- often conditionally with `#ifdef
EGCS97'. (Since EGCS97 is out of date, we'll never port to it, so it
can be regarded as equivalent to gcc-3; if you want to rename the
conditional, go ahead, but it doesn't matter much, and once GPC
works stable with gcc-3, we can eliminate all the conditionals,

> -- GPC uses gansidecl.h, which is absent in GCC 3.x, currently I just
>    copied gansidecl.h from 2.5.3, but I would like to eliminate it
> -- are ANSI compatibility macros mandatory in GPC (I very much prefer
>    just giving full prototypes, including types and argument names, but 
>    of course I will use what is considered proper for GPC)

In the long run, it's, of course, the best to do it like the rest of
the current GCC sources. However, since we currently have to
maintain compatibility to older GCC versions, I wouldn't suggest to
do anything that requires extensive changes (many ifdefs etc.). It
seems easier to do that after porting to gcc-3, when we only have to
deal with one GCC version.

> -- in few places GCC extensions are handy. But I other folks wish to
>    compile GPC with other C compilers, then I will avoid them

It's better to avoid them.


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