Packed records

Waldek Hebisch hebisch at
Thu Aug 29 18:18:59 CEST 2002

Is there any definitive info how packed types _should_ work 
in GPC. The following program:

Program BitSz;

Var   R: packed record
    aa: packed record
    c: Boolean;
    a: Boolean;
    b: 1..3;
  end (* R *);

    writeln ( ' R.aa:', BitSizeOf ( R.aa ),
        ' R.aa.c:', BitSizeOf ( R.aa.c),
        ' R.a:', BitSizeOf ( R.a ),
        ' R.b:', BitSizeOf ( R.b ),
        ' R:', BitSizeOf ( R ));

 R.aa:8 R.aa.c:1 R.a:1 R.b:2 R:16

which shows that packed records inside packed records currently 
(with gpc 2.1) take the same space as outside. 
                              Waldek Hebisch
hebisch at    or hebisch at 

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