Cannot display variables with GDB

Prof Abimbola Olowofoyeku African_Chief at
Fri Aug 30 16:45:02 CEST 2002

On 30 Aug 2002 at 10:37, J. David Bryan wrote:

> On 28 Aug 2002, at 7:52, Prof Abimbola Olowofoyeku wrote:
> > Perhaps because that GPC binary distro was compiled with "-s" ?
> Thank you for your reply.  I am not certain that I understand, though. 
> Are you saying that because the compiler itself is stripped of debugging
> information, it does not generate proper debugging information for
> programs that it compiles?

No. But the "-s" switch may have strayed into the flags for the RTS. 
Frank, can you please tell us whether CFLAGS are passed through to 
building the RTS? I think that RTSFLAGS deals with that, but I am not 
> I note that gpc-20020410, when built with the same options, produces an
> executable from the test program I supplied that works as expected with
> gdb.  Something appears to have changed between 20020410 and 20020510 to
> the debugging type information for the predefined types.

Not sure what the problem is, if it is not a CFLAGS issue.

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