Use of external and attribute keywords

Dominique Louis Dominique at
Sat Apr 5 01:24:38 CEST 2003

Hi All,
A few of questions

1. When using the "external" keyword in GPC, do you have to specify the 
"name" keyword or does it default to the function name like in Delphi?

2.  When defining function pointers, the Gnu Pascal compiler complains 
if I specify attribute(cdecl); For example

   TSDL_Mixer = function( param1 : PSDL_Sound; param2 : Pointer ) : 
integer; attribute( cdecl );// <--- I get a compilation error here

How do I specify the calling convention of a function pointer in Gnu Pascal?

3. If I have installed the Dev Pascal IDE how do I update to the latest 
  snapshot so that I can start using the new keywords.


Dominique := go on, write a game instead;

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