Frank Heckenbach frank at g-n-u.de
Mon Apr 21 03:24:31 CEST 2003

GCC supports `-Wparentheses' (warn about some constructs where
parentheses are suggested for clarification, although not strictly
syntactically necessary). The corresponding code is also there for
GPC. I'm going to activate it now. The questions are:

- Which constructs to warn about? So far, I've come up with the
  following ones:

  * `and' in an operand of `or', as in `a or b and c' which is
    equivalent to `a or (b and c)', but may confuse the reader.
    (Same for `and_then' instead of `and' etc., of course.)

  * logical operations (`and', `or', `not', etc.) in an operand of a
    relational operator (`=', etc., `in'). This would catch cases
    like the dreaded `if not a = b'.

- What should be the default? I suggest off by default and on with
  `-Wall' (same as in GCC).

(Of course, the issue is not as serious in Pascal than it is in C
where the danger of confusion between `==' and `=' in a comparison
almost requires such a warning, but I think it's also useful in


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