Dynamic object methods

Prof A Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) chiefsoft at bigfoot.com
Thu Apr 24 00:55:19 CEST 2003

On 23 Apr 2003 at 18:11, Frank Heckenbach wrote:

> It might not be all that's required for an OOP framework, but I
> can't see the dynamic methods doing much more than a `case'
> statement. After all, it's only one integer value ...
> Maybe they use other "magic", hidden in the compiler or (I hope) the
> libraries, independent of dynamic methods.
> > Be that as it may, simply supporting the syntax would be good enough,
> > and I would be happy with whatever direction you choose to go.
> For now I'll just ignore the index. If it ever becomes necessary to use
> it, one will have to think about how to make it available ...

I may just be about to reveal my ignorance - but can the integer values 
for dynamic methods not be stored somewhere in the VMT or some other 
such place? And if they can, is there some way of accessing the VMT or 
its data?

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