Unit name vs. filename mismatch

Frank Heckenbach frank at g-n-u.de
Wed Apr 30 23:58:18 CEST 2003

Grant Jacobs wrote:

> I feel mean suggesting work for you, but another low priority 
> warning/error message thing...
> Any merit in a warning message (not an error) if a unit name differs 
> from its filename?  If you do something like:
>    Unit1:
>      uses GHJ_AAConsensus;
>    Unit2, named 'GHJ_AAConsensus.pas'
>      unit Consensus;
> On compiling Unit1, you get a compile-time message like:
>    module/unit `ghj_aaconsensus2' could not be compiled
> which is pretty broad!
> I imagine many users would use the same name for the unit as to the 
> file as if nothing else its easy to locate the file if they have the 
> same name, so a warning if they differ might be useful?
> It'd be a bit of a bonus really as its a "useability" thing not a bug fix.

OK (`-W[no-]interface-file-name', not on by default or with
`-Wall'). ("Interface" because for modules it will apply to the
interface names which is where it matters, and which might be
distinct from the module name. For units it's the same.)


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