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Adriaan van Os gpc at
Mon Dec 1 01:36:37 CET 2003

Nathan Schneider wrote:

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> Thanks so much for your willingness to help!
> that makes a lot of sense; none of my developer tools open (at least 
> the way I think they should) and I suspect this is because my cd drive 
> is screwed up and it maybe didn't install all the developer tools 
> correctly.  Either way, I'll send you what I know and maybe you can 
> help me figure out what to do next.
> when I type "as -v" on the command line, I get:
> Apple Computer, Inc. version cctools-384.1.obj~1, GNU assembler 
> version 1.38
> let me know if this suggests anything.  in the meantime, I'll try  
> reinstalling the BSD developer tools.
> Thanks!

You are running a too old version of the Mac OS X assembler and linker. 
You need the "December 2002 Mac OS X Developer Tools" or a later 
release. You can download these from <>.


Adriaan van Os

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