Installation on Cygwin

Paul.Igodt Paul.Igodt at
Wed Dec 3 18:23:12 CET 2003

Dear GPC-colleagues

I am new to this list, and maybe putting a question already answered 
several times.

On my Win32 XP, I installed a fresh Cygwin (1.5.5-1), and downloaded GPC 
- binaries for it
 (gpc-2.1-i686-pc-cygwin.tar.gz) .

Those were installed as found in

(basically unzippen and untarring...)

Now I find a /cygnus directory in  my cygwin root.

However, gpc seems not to be found as executable, nor does it work.

Can somebody help me?

My aim is to move certain Sun Pascal files (now in Solaris) to cygwin.  
Are there hints which I should take account of
once my compiler is up and running?

Thanks a lot


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