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Frank Heckenbach ih8mj at
Fri Dec 12 09:42:43 CET 2003

mkhaldi at wrote:

> When I compile my module. First of all, I generate the interface
> with --interface-only flag. Then I generate implementation with
> --implementation-only flag. This way seems to be wrong. Actually,
> When I use this way, no Init_ModuleName symbol appears.
> "gpc -c --implementation-only  testModule.p; nm -A testModule.o" gives :
> But When I use the normal compilation command line, I get this :
> Another symbol appears : init_M

Try the attached patch.

> Is there another way to bypass this problem?

You could try compiling without and "-only" switch the 2nd time.
This will regenerate the gpi files, but shouldn't hurt.


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