Weird type/identifier conflicts

Peter N Lewis peter at
Sat Mar 1 12:08:30 CET 2003

At 10:48 AM +0000 1/3/03, Prof A Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) wrote:
>On 1 Mar 2003 at 16:38, Peter N Lewis wrote:
>>  In the Mac world, this is generally called "Uses Propagation" and was
>>  always on in THINK Pascal and is a compiler switch in CodeWarrior.
>>  The best use of it is for writing a unit MacOS.p that includes all the
>>  MacOS API interface files for you in one go, rather than have to specify
>>  them each explicitly as you use them.  Is there any way to get an
>>  equivalent to this in GPC?
>gpc foo.pas --automake --uses=MacOS

Perhaps I was unclear, either that or I'm confused.  MacOS.p is just:

unit MacOS;


uses MacTypes,MacMemory,Sound,Controls,and,everything,under,the,sun;


So if I understand correctly, with GPC which does not have Uses 
Propagation, "uses MacOS" either with or without the command line 
would never do anything, correct?


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