Prefix directives -> attributes

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Tue Mar 4 21:30:32 CET 2003

Some directives in GPC are written in prefix form, in particular
`static', `volatile', `register' for variables and `inline' for
routines, e.g.:

inline procedure Foo;

var a: static Integer;

Since this syntax is also more like C than Pascal, I'd like to turn
them into attributes, thereby also making them non-keywords. E.g.:

procedure Foo; attribute (inline);

var a: Integer; attribute (static);

I suppose `static' variables are `inline' routines are used to some
extent (but hopefully not too much), the others should be
negligible, so the amount of changes necessary should be limited.

And since I'm doing the incompatible changes WRT `c', `c_language'
and `asmname' now, it might be a good time to do them all at once.

Any objections?


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