operator overloading with conformant or open arrays?

Peter N Lewis peter at stairways.com.au
Tue Mar 11 07:01:19 CET 2003

It seems it is not possible to use a conformant or open array to 
operator overloading, ie:

   operator + ( const s1: array[n1..m1: Integer] of char; const s2: 
array[n2..m2: Integer] of char ) = ADD : Str255;

   operator + ( const s1: array of char; const s2: array of char ) = 
ADD : Str255;

both fail with "operator must have two arguments", presumably because 
the conformant/open array passes hidden arguments for n1,m1 or 
High(s1) etc.

Is the error actually correct, or is the error just erroneously 
complaining about the hidden arguments (since there are two real 

If the latter, it'd be nice to get this fixed since it would make 
porting of short strings a lot easier.  If the former, are there any 
plans to remove this restriction?

Failing his, if I have six or seven string types (of different 
lengths), and I make an operator + and = for each pair, that is n**2 
for each (perhaps 49 + operators and 49 = operators).  Would doing 
this be stretching the compiler beyond it's design or would it be a 
perfectly reasonable thing to do?

Also, I noticed that := cannot be overloaded as an operator.  This 
would also be a handy addition, although quite possibly it'd have to 
be a special case.

I did check the Todo list on the web page but did not see anything 
related to this.

Thanks for any advice,

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