Adriaan van Os gpc at microbizz.nl
Tue Mar 11 11:31:29 CET 2003

Frank Heckenbach wrote:

> OK. I also make `--ignore-packed' the default for `--ucsd-pascal',
> `--borland-pascal' and `--delphi' (perhaps also for `--mac-pascal',
> but someone will have to check the options for `--mac-pascal',
> anyway).

For --mac-pascal --ignore-packed should be off by default.

Martin Liddle wrote:

> Why make ignore-packed the default for UCSD?  It doesn't matter to us 
> anymore but my recollection is that packing did work quite effectively 
> in UCSD.

Yes, packing worked effectively both in Apple UCSD Pascal and IBM UCSD 

Clarification: --ignore-packed ignores 'packed' for both records and 
arrays ?


Adriaan van Os

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