Pascal compilers for/from Apple

Grant Jacobs gjacobs at
Wed Mar 12 12:02:41 CET 2003

At 10:33 AM +0100 12/3/03, Tom Verhoeff wrote:
>Adriaan van Os wrote:
>>Frank Heckenbach wrote:
>>>  I might be a little confused about the Pascal compilers by Apple
>>>  and/or for Mac, since I've never used one of them myself.
>>Yes, it is confusing, so I have listed the Pascal compilers for
>>Macintosh that I know of:
>I miss the UCSD Pascal system that ran (very well) on the Apple ][.
>I believe it was based on Wirth's p-system, producing p-code.  It
>had a text-based UI with menus.  A typical prompt looked like
>Program-name: C(ommand1, C(ommand2, ...:
>Because almost all the system software was written in UCSD Pascal as
>well, the language had been extended with numerous facilities for
>writing efficient system software.  Many of these Pascal extensions
>have survived in one form or another.
>We had a large group here in the Netherlands that did wonderful things
>with this system on homemade Apple ][ clones.  These had been extended
>with 1 MB RAM disks (lightning fast).  There were no hard disks at that
>time; only the slow 5.25" floppies for your OS, tools, and program and
>data files.  I still have such a machine in my attic, but I have not
>tried to boot it in a very long time.
>	Tom Verhoeff

I remember this too; it hasn't been in mind for a long time until you 
mentioned it. I bought an Apple ][+  (or rather I imported a 
Taiwanese clone from the factory - you could do that in those days!) 
as an undergrad student. You mentioning the menu brings back 
memories... but we had better not start down that track! ;-)

I still have Randell Hyde's book p-Source which shows all the p-code 
instructions and what they do along with examples of compiled p-code 
compared to the original Pascal source. I spent some time playing 
with p-code. Silly kid... (me, that is) There was a book with Apple's 
ROM code as well if I remember right.

I wish I had never sold that machine. I don't particularly regret 
selling the IBM XT I bought later, but I wish I'd hung onto the ][+.

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