Pascal compilers for/from Apple

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Wed Mar 12 23:58:14 CET 2003

Frank Heckenbach wrote:
> CBFalconer wrote:
> > It was a considerable achievement anyhow.  I have a box full of 8
> > inch disks somewhere with the original system for the 8080.  They
> > originated the concept of units.  Unlike Turbo Pascal, USCD Pascal
> > was pretty well standards compliant, with many extensions.
> Also in the file I/O area?

Pretty well IIRC.  They fouled up console i/o by inverting the
order of get in read (i.e. read(C) = get(input); c = input^;
instead of c = input^; get(input;  I guess they didn't read Pascal
News, so didn't know about lazy i/o.

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