gpc-20030323 released

Gale Paeper gpaeper at
Tue Mar 25 01:26:06 CET 2003

Adriaan van Os wrote:
> Frank Heckenbach wrote:
> > I've uploaded a new alpha to
> >
> > - New option `--maximum-field-alignment=N'
> Also as a compiler directive $maximum-field-alignment=N.

Is there an easy way to save and restore the maximum-field-alignment setting?

Something like other Mac Pascal dialect implementations' $PUSH and $POP
compiler directives for a compiler directive variable setting
save/restore stack would be desireable for Pascal interface translations
of Apple's Mach-o Mac OS X C interfaces.  (For Macho-o, some C
interfaces have Mac68K alignment pragmas, some don't, and Apple makes
use of the C pragma settings stack to keep the alignment setting
straight across all interface combinations.)
> It works great, for example the following data structure

How does it work for a mixture of alignments and with single (32 bit)
and double (64 bit) floating point thrown into mixture?

Also, it would be a good idea to test more than just record sizes in a
single code block.  Things like actual field offsets and composite types
with a mixture of alignments composed through uses clauses and import
specifications should be part of the tests.  In other words, stress
tests to ensure there are no surprises/bugs in the implementation for
all the various ways it might be used in general use.

Gale Paeper
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