Pascal from C with 30020323

Andrew Gregory Andrew.Gregory at
Tue Mar 25 14:57:42 CET 2003

I've produced some Pascal which is called from C. The Pascal program
looks like this:

program myprog;


myfunc (parameters.. .) : integer;  asmname 'name';

{$include "myfile.pas"}

begin end.

The function myfunc is given in the file "myfile.pas".

To suit the new compiler 20030323 I changed the declaration above to

myfunc (parameters.. .) : integer; attribute (name = 'name'); external;

The compiler now objects to the re-declaration of myfunc. How can I get
round this
without editing myfile.pas (which is used by a number of other programs,
so I don't want to alter it)?


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