Combining .o files?

Adriaan van Os gpc at
Thu Mar 27 11:32:21 CET 2003

Gale Paeper wrote:

>> The point is, I think, that in GPC conditional compiler defines 
>> (macros
>> set with $define)
> They aren't really macros since they don't have the macro text editting
> effect. What GPC's documentation refers to as "conditionals" are
> distinctly different from macros.

They *can* be macros, see section 6.9 of the gpc manual:

{$define loop while True do}

define ‘loop’ to be ‘while True do’ or as a macro like in C. The name 
of the {$CIDefine loop ...} macro is case-insensitive. Note: Macros are 
disabled in ‘--borland-pascal’ mode because BP doesn’t support macros.


Adriaan van Os

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