GCC integration?

Thorsten Glaser tg at 66h.42h.de
Fri Dec 17 11:43:43 CET 2004

Steven Bosscher dixit:

>GCC 3.x and GCC 4.0 are internally so very different already that you
>will find very few bugfixes for GCC 4.0 that you can backport to any
>of the GCC 3.x releases.

This one

>Except that you'd be integrating with an end-of-life infrastructure.

And this one

>a waste of effort.  Why not just work against GCC 3.4 if you really
>want to stay GCC3-based? 

And this one are the reasons for continuing the gcc3 line IMHO.

>You could make it so much easier for yourselves if you'd just skip

Please note I'm neither a GCC- nor a GPC-developer.

>So, one, two years from now when the GCC4 series will be mainstream
>compilers, you have to start over with your integration work to keep
>gpc available to the masses.

Nobody said to stop integration work. It's about two things.
To get stuff in at all and in the correct directories, and
to adapt the code (esp. for gcc4). Start with the easier.


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